A lil' bit of Pinky and a lil' bit of Bwain

It’s been an exciting month so far. To actually think that the dream of being a professional photographer can very well become a reality with some hard work is uber cool. Super duper, uber, fantabulously cool.

I do have to admit though, that this past month and a half or so of planning, researching, and sketching out ideas for photoshoots, business plans, insurance information, drooling over camera gear I’d love to someday own has got me suddenly remembering Pinky and the Brain. Er, I mean Pinky and the BWAIN! Get it right…..BWAIN! Remember them? Here’s an image help jog your memory:
Ok, so now that we’re all on the same page as to who Pinky and the Bwain are...

As a kid I used to watch this famous WB cartoon with my sisters, imitating them all day, and laughing at the comedy they evoked through their futile attempts to take over the world. One smart lab rat and one not-so-smart/scatter-brained lab rat. You might be now asking yourself, “Um, ok, so in your quest to make your photography gig a reality, WHY are you remembering Pinky and the Brain? I mean, BWAIN?”

Here’s why:
When I’m all focused and being proactive about researching,planning a shoot, taking this step and that step, practicing with my camera, etc., I kinda look the way Brain does. All determined and stuff.
With the furrowed brow and focused eyes. (Ask my husband and he’ll preacher-testify-HALLELOOOOOYER that yes it’s true, his lovely wife sometimes does morph into his lovely photographer geek) In some ways, I even sometimes think accomplishing this dream is a bit like taking over the world. The photography world. With lots of new, prime lenses. That capture lotsa pretty images. And color. And bokeh. And fantabulous depth of field. Ooooooooooohhh. (See? Geeeeee--eeeeek!)

And then, alas, there are my Pinky days. Yes, the Pinky days. These are the days where the details of all the stuff I’m learning and practicing just make me feel a bit scatter-brained/haven’t got a clue/I gotta fill out what paperwork?/wait, what am I doing and why am I doing this?/ durrrrrrrr, I dunno/what’re we gonna do today, Bwain? Oh, right, take pictures or something??

You know. The days I can't focus, when I look a little more like this:

But you know what? It’s ok. So what, right? I think most people, in their quest to take over the world/make that dream come true, finish that degree, win that race, find that job, all have a bit of Pinky and a bit of Brain in them. It’s all part of the process. So do it. Go on and dream big. These lab rats did and they had their own cartoon. =)

After all, Pinky couldn’t be without BWAIN couldn’t be without Pinky couldn’t be without BWAIN.

Happy Thursday!