Allyn the Ninja

At first, she seems quiet. A little, quiet, um, Asian girl-person I was doing a photoshoot of.

And well, for the most part, it’s true, she is. But don’t be fooled because once she gets on stage or even if you pay really close attention when you’re just hanging out with her, you’ll notice that this kid-turned-grown-up packs the one-liners and humor like she’s the comic ninja or something. Like, really quiet, and then BAM! You don’t know what happened, but she musta just hit you with her HA-HA stick cuz you’re suddenly laughing over a seemingly harmless comment she made a few minutes ago. No, for realz, she’s not just funny, SHE FUNNNAAAAY! (like, heeeey, snap yo fingers and do the chicken neck thing)

For realz, I personally think she’s like the Asian Tina Fey or something. Tina Fey, if you’re reading this, WOOOHOO WE LOVE TINA FEY WHOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!

Meet Ms. Allyn. I met her at the same time I met her side-kick Ava, whom I just finished a photoshoot for. The hubby and I have had the fortunate experience of watching Allyn do her thang in a few improv shows at her old high school and what can we say except that again, she is THE comic ninja and an awesome performer. But more than that, she’s grown up into an awesome young woman, who’s already doing great things in the world.

Allyn, if you ever end up acting or even just meeting Tina Fey, I’ll buy you all the mint-chocolate chip ice cream in the world if you let the hubs and me kick it with you in Hollywood.

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