Perez Kids. 2011.

My husband and I always look forward to hanging out with the Perez family. We don't live very close to each them, but it's always worth the drive whenever we do get a chance to spend some time together. There's something awesome about being around great friends that always encourage you to walk strong with the Lord. Friends that make you laugh the whole time you're hanging out with them. And whenever we're leaving the Perez household, two things are guaranteed: My heart always feels uplifed because they've prayed for us and my face, no doubt, has suffered from serious laughing cramps. And I'm ok with that because I'd rather have my face frozen on a smile than frozen on a frown, you know?

And a few weeks ago was no exception. We spent the afternoon doing a photoshoot of their 4 growing-up-way-too-fast kids and and had a blast. A local park to hang out in and a bag of White Rabbit did the trick on getting all the kids to be happy and smilin' for my camera. The kids did an awesome job and after the shoot, we got to hang out, eat pizza and laugh some more. What can I say except that God's blessed us with great friends. Great friends who always send us home with a happy-laughing-smiling cramp on our faces.

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