30 Days of Thanks | Day 3: Evidence

Her toys are currently scattered all over the floor of our home. And for some reason, it doesn't stir up the OCD in me.

In the office, in our bedroom, in the living room, in the hallway, in the kitchen. A tattered pink rope, a drooled on, half grey from dirt, half green tennis ball, a weird looking squaky toy whale named Wilhelmina. (Get it?!? A whale named Wilhelmina! The w's?? Deep down, I know my husband is in awe at his genius wife.)

The armrest area of one of the couches is worn down, scratched at and probably smells a little weird. This is probably due to the fact that when we first got her,she discovered she possessed the balancing skills of a cat and made perching on top of the couch armrest her a daily habit. Our duvet cover to this day, still maintains an old patch that was sewn on to cover a hole she created in the middle of the night as we peacefully slept. #hercreativeskills #morningsurprise #wecantsew #atleastitwasntpoopsheleft

She's eaten garbage, among other things, will faithfully "help" you clean up any scraps of food that drop in kitchen, and needs the "You are my sunshine..." lullaby before she settles down to sleep at night.

Is this a post from a crazy dog lover about their dog? Yep, you bet it is.

Because when you have a four legged furball that is the first to respond with drooling kisses when you cry, the first to greet you with unabashed joy every time you step through the door even if it was just to throw out the garbage, has the superhero ability to ease up the creases of worry on your forehead with a single nudge of her cold and wet nose....well, you can't help lose your heart to the world of her unconditional love. And I am thankful for the scattered toys, the weathered-down couch and simply the happy evidence around our home of her presence.