30 Days of Thanks | Day 2: Ice Cream Memories

It didn't start off as a great day for me.

I mean, thank God for doctors and all, but as I get older, the more and more I become horribly anxious every year I go in for a routine check up. In all honesty, the thought of any possibility that my healthiness and healthy ways could be interrupted even for just a bit makes me shut down and freeze in absolute terror. All I could think of as I sat in the stark white examination room was why-oh-WHY didn't I call my mom to come with me? Because seriously, there are some days that I just need someone to hold my hand as if I were 5 years old again.

I don't know if it was the feeling of being scared-like-a-kid-again-morning I was having, but coming home after the doctor's visit to snack on a cup of mint chip ice cream made things feel a little better. Ice cream is fantastic on a whole lot of levels, but the memories it brought back were far sweeter than my little words can describe or capture.

Ice cream was serious business in my house growing up. I think the love of it may be some kind of genetic addiction thing that we all never got over. My ol' grandpa loved it long after his false teeth could handle it, my dad often joked that it always life better, and there are something, like, a million summer memories with my sisters that always involved Dad, Baskin Robbins, and the important decision to make between a cup or sugar cone.

I even recall the fact that when Dad couldn't find a spoon to dig into the pint of ice cream in our freezer, well, a fork would do. Try it. You'd be surprised at how well it actually works.

It was kinda nice that in the midst of this adult life, a small cup of mint-chip ice cream can bring an awesome boatload of childhood memories back to life and prod a smile out of an anxious face.