The Inner Thoughts of A Gangster

I think randomly dancing around at home or even in public is the cure to shaking off the grumpies.
I listen to rap music and secretly think I'm sooo gangster. WEST SIIIIDE!!

I wish I didn't love cheese so much.

Color-coded files make me clap my hands in excitement. And colorful Post-Its?? Ooooh, talk to me...
It amazes me that at my age, my mom already was raising 3 daughters. Especially since I feel like I'm 10 years old most days.

Earrings? The bigger, the better.

The random white hairs on my head make me look like a a walking television with antennae.

San Francisco-Chinatown-Heartbox-Photography

I sometimes wish I had a tattoo. The kind that celebrates my inner-wannabe-gangsterness.
I one time thought it would be funny to let my puppy lick a lemon slice. And that's all I gotta say 'bout that.
I love the smell of books. No Kindle for me. Show me the library!!!

I believe it is still a valuable skill to know how to look up a word in the dictionary...not through Google.
I think inappropriate humor is the best. One time, I even snorted while laughing.
Heel height on shoes matter after you turn 30.

I've grown to love Icy Hot. Again, the life of a 30-something.

Lionel Richie's greatest hits. 'Nuff said.

Happy Wednesday, ya'll!