Look Up

You know how you have those distinct memories as a kid that you remember in ridiculous detail but you're not exactly too sure why? A few days ago, a memory like this came flooding back to my brain suddenly, very similar to the way an unforeseen tropical shower blankets an undisturbed beachfront.

My dad was always on duty to drop us kids off at school in the morning. And on one particular day, sometime in the 5th or 6th grade, I got out of the car and started walking towards my classroom as my dad looked on from the car to make sure I got there safely before driving away. Later that afternoon when I came home, my dad randomly asked me why I walked with my head down. I wasn't sure what he meant, mostly because I never noticed that I did that in the first place. I guess my dad was watching a lot more closely than I thought because he then proceeded to tell me that whenever I walked, I should keep my head looking up, not down.  I can recall hearing his words as a kid, giving the automated "uh-huh" response of most pre-teens and moving on without giving my dad's words any further thought

Until last week.

We all know that days are up and down - that's just the infallible truth of life as a human. Not sure if it was the stifling heat of the afternoon sunshine, or that I was simply feeling bored and unmotivated creatively, but whatever it was, one particular day was little more glum than I hoped for I happened to have my camera with me and  stepped outside to practice observing/photographing my environment. Exercise the eyes, observe the light, think creatively outside the box a bit please let this be the magic pill that makes my glumness go away.

I photographed everything I saw around me with an increased amount of frustration that nothing was standing out to me. Everything around me was the same old thing - people milling about, buildings that looked the same as they did everyday, cars driving by. I found shade from the unforgiving sunlight and did something I hardly ever do - look up.

Looking up, I found the afternoon light glowing wildly behind the intricate textured leaves of an old palm tree. Looking up, I saw funky brown leaves mixed in with leaves that still survived long enough to show off their green hue to onlookers. Looking up, I felt the often overlooked amazement of what it's like to stand next to something that seemed to touch the vastness of the sky. Looking up, I became enthralled once again at the majestic nature that soars high and above the sometimes too fast-paced life around me.

Look up. It's pretty amazing.

Happy Monday!