Doggy Dentists

She scratches herself into a frenzy so much so that at the right speed of scratch, her hind leg looks more like she's kicking herself in the face. At, like, Olympic speed.

It is allergy season at it's finest and like humans, my poor baby suffers with sneezes and itchiness just like the rest of us. An allergy skin test from our vet confirmed she was allergic to almost everything that found it's way onto her body. To top it all off, my husband reminded me that in the next week, Kona is also set to go in for a dental procedure. Yes, to a doggy dentist to fix a cracked tooth. Whaaaaaaaat???? 

I know. 

Dentists for dogs are real. And so are their price tags.

That one time I was doing laundry and thought it be the funniest thing to put my jacket on her. 
That look on her face? BEYOND worth it.

Happy Monday, folks.