Because Everyone Is About Something.

I’m about encouragement. Especially with words.
I’m about learning to live and love others like Jesus. I wish this were easier.
I’m about meaningful hugs.
I’m about making others feel listened to.
I'm learning to be more about praying.
I’m about being different, even on the days when I still long to fit in.
I’m about laughing long after the punch line has been told.
I'm about bookstores and color.

I'm not about Kindles.
I’m about hand-written notes.
I’m about snail mail letters.
I wish I wasn’t about procrastinating.
I’m about journaling.
I'm about holding hands even after a gazillion years of marriage.
I’m not about whining.
I'm not about crafting or sewing.

I’m about having imperfect girlfriends who will love, pray, and cry with you even when you’re being slightly nuts.
I’m about fathers that love and protect their daughters.
I’m about reading the Bible. I wish I were better about listening to what it says.
I'm about cards more than the present.
I’m about spreadsheets and budgeting.
I wish I were more about takings risks.
I’m about loving my husband, my friends, my family. I wish I were way better about this.
I’m about dark chocolate.

I’m about the gym.
I’m about a good burger and McDonald’s fries.
I'm about vegetables and city lights.
I wish I were less about others’ opinions about me.
I’m about respecting the women whose husbands are in leadership roles.
I’m about interesting hair and makeup and colorful outfits and accessories.
I wish I were more about courage.
I’m about loving those who aren’t about hair/makeup and colorful outfits and accessories.
I’m about comfortable sweats and shirts and messy- I don’t really care I haven’t washed it - hair.
I wish I were more about confidence and security in who I am.

I’m about folded laundry.
I’m about talking to your dog and letting them know every day that you love and cherish them.
I’m about telling the quiet kid in back of the class that they are seen, they are loved, they are valued, they are cool.
I’m about Christian music, rap music, Frank Sinatra music, throwback music that makes you wanna sport a mullet and a white turtleneck music.
I’m about all thins clean, disinfected, organized. 

I wish I were more about asking for help.
I’m about printing out photographs, not just saving them on a phone or computer.
I wish I were more about patience.

I’m about writing words, speaking words, and sometimes struggling with the bad words.
I’m about singing out loud. In the car. With the windows rolled up.
I wish I were more about singing out loud. In public.
I’m about dogs and puppies because I think they are one of the most unconditional creatures created.
I wish I were more about running.
I am not about women being physically or verbally abused.

I’m about relationships where you can ugly cry and you’ll still be loved and accepted. 

What are you about?