My Little Assistant and a Fancy Schmancy Skirt

Being a creative doesn’t always come easy. Especially when you are fairly skilled at one medium of artistic expression such as photography, but are completely lacking in another creative skill that’s needed to allow your vision to become real.

This is my fancy way of saying I have been wanting to do a photo shoot that incorporated a fluffy and flowing tulle skirt but have zero skill in making fabric, needle, and thread come together and unite happily ever after.  I can’t sew a button to save my life (sorry, Mom), but the vision of a fashion-inspired, Vogue for the everyday woman kind of photo session just wouldn’t go away. Hence, you suck it up, YouTube, and try, try, try.

The best part of sewing something this fancy is that my little assistant was right by my side and cheering me on as I sweated through/threaded through/sewed my way to tulle skirt heaven. There was so much fluffy material everywhere. I’m surprised she didn’t get lost in the sea of tulle, thread, and ribbon. Ah, but despite the minor tangles and constant reminders not to eat/chew/drool on the fabric, I think someone approves of the final result.

Absolutely can’t wait to try this out for the next fabulous woman I photograph. Stay tuned!!

Happy Friday!