Kari, 2014. Los Gatos, CA. Headshot Photo Session

Meet the lovely Kari.

We were originally scheduled to have her photo shoot take place at a nearby park, but the beautiful surroundings of her own backyard with the afternoon sunlight peaking through the abundance of trees proved to be the far better location. As Kari's hair and make up was being prepared by the talented Vlada Fomenko-Haggerty we chatted about everything from work, to career goals (Kari is currently working towards building her own business), to outfits for the photo shoot and the fun of being a gal who loves trying new beauty products.

Kari is refreshingly down to earth, a true go-getter. The love she has for her family is palpable as you get to know her. I couldn't help but smile every time she mentioned something she loved about her husband's personality, the way he treats her, as well as how much she loved her kids.

Kari, it was truly an honor to have you in front of my camera. I look at these photos and can see in your eyes that you not only smile and shine brightly from the outside, but from the inside as well - and that is the mark of a truly beautiful woman.

Happy Tuesday!