Helmets and Cheese: What Not Giving Up REALLY Looks Like

Today I am reminding myself of what not giving up looks like. It's not wrapped in all sunshine and roses and an overdose of optimism with a cherry on top with a healthy side of positive thinking. It's not easy, not smooth path, not absent of hills and setbacks. And it's definitely not "I am woman, hear me roar!" 

It's more like: "I'm a woman and can you pass me that pink helmet, please? Let's be real, people, I will need it."

When I came across this picture on the Internet, I had to smile.

One, because I like loooove cheese and two, because the picture reminds me that "not giving up" can sometimes mean heading straight into the challenge with a helmet on knowing full well you may just get smacked in the process of growth.

And in the end, this is ok.

I am reminded to savor even the challenges and the missteps that are undeservedly covered with grace.

What Not Giving Up Looks Like For Me Today:

1. Making a mistake
2. Allow grace to wrap around it. Possibly whine. 
3. Making a mistake
4. Allow grace to wrap around it...again. Possibly cry.
5. Repeat the steps above
6. Grow in ways you never thought possible

What does not giving up look like to you?

Happy Thursday!