Happy Birthday, Dad.

This weekend, my ol' dad turns 59 years old.

Amazingly enough, he still has a good amount of hair on his head despite having survived-like-a-boss 3 girls in the house plus my mom. Though he had all girls (eeks!), I'm grateful he taught my sisters and me some tasks that most girls wouldn't approach within a 10 foot pole. It's because of him that we can check the oil in our own cars, assemble things out of a box with a fair amount of precision and determination, think of creative/McGyver ways to fix something broken, and plunge a backed up toilet like a pro, without batting an eye. (You're welcome.)

All of us resemble him in some way as you can probably see. My little sister sent me this photo of my dad awhile back - you can tell my dad was loving the wonders of technology, the iPad, and selfies. It's photos like this that remind me of what awesomeness a camera can capture.

He is far from perfect, by any definition of the word. But he is my dad and still a blessing from God. And for that, I'm thankful that we get to celebrate another year of his life.

Happy birthday, Dad.