Stella and Dot: My New BFF

I love being able to endorse a great products - and it's even better when there's a great story behind the company that makes them.

A few months back, I attended a girlfriend's Stella and Dot trunk show half expecting that I probably wouldn't stay for too long because I'm as picky with my accessories as a toddler is picky with their dinner plate.

Well, not only did I stay much longer than I anticipated, but after oohing and ahhing over the beautiful selections of necklaces, earrings, and rings displayed on the tables, it wasn't long before I placed a little call to my husband asking if I can make a small, um, investment in a few things I found. Investments that came in more colors than the rainbow.

Helping the economy - it's a good thing. =)

Stella and Dot is a fabulous, woman-owned business that specializes in accessories just for her and what I loved most about them was not only the unique styles, but the fact that their fashion jewelry is made of quality materials that range from semi-precious stones, sterling silver, etc. The abundance of unique styles and designs as well as the fact that the metals used don't cause any allergic reaction to this gal, is a major plus in my book.  It's also worth nothing that the company was started with the philosophy in mind to help other women start a side business whether it is part or full time.

I also found out that this month, in honor of the Autism Awareness, Stella and Dot is donating all net proceeds from the purchases of their Autism Awareness Collection. Be sure to check their fan page and not only support a great company, but also an awesome cause.

Your accessory collection will thank you.

Happy shopping!