Puppy Love

I contemplated posting up an embarrassing old photo of my sisters and me as kids in honor of Throwback Thursdays. But instead as I sit here typing this and staring at the fur ball that's brought so much love, joy, and play into my life, I've decided instead to post this photo. 

I still remember the day we brought her home and how our living room pillows were no match for her insatiable need to chew everything, our toilet paper always seemed to unravel itself into the living room whenever she was left anywhere near the bathroom, and yes, even that one time she decided that her toilet was right next to a lamp - in our living room. 

But believe me for all those times I've ever cried and she was the first one there to offer a sloppy puppy kiss for comfort, all those times she's playfully welcomed us home even if all we were doing was stepping out to throw away the trash, and even those times she's loyally waited beside the bed all night until we woke up - it's been more than worth it.

Gotta love that puppy love.

Happy Thursday!