Sharing a Mushroom Life

I grew up with a houseful of girls in my family. My two sisters, my mom, and of course, me.Which pretty much translates to "my-poor-dad-has-no-hair-anymore."

Having sisters, at least in my world, means you pretty much have someone who, for the most part, understands you, knows you, loves and bugs the heck out of you while eating the last of the chocolate Teddy Grahams.

An even bigger plus? It also means that you will never have to suffer through life alone with a bad hair cut.

Case in point:
And if sister number 3 is reading this, she should be forewarned that she hasn't escaped this post. Indeed, there are a few more photos at home I need to look through and I'm bound to find something that shows off the best of her mushroom-head hair adventures.

Happy Thursday!