Preview of My Momma

"But, Mo-omm. I don't wanna bring my camera."

Yes. I still whine.

After a lunch with my family, I had planned to spend the rest of the afternoon at my parent's house since my dad had to work. My mom had asked that I bring my camera along to snap a few photos of her with the flowers that she received from my dad and niece. Nothing fancy, just a few shots to share with family. I wasn't sure that I was up to lugging my camera bag, purse, and a 15 pound cockapoo named Kona Bean down the stairs, into my car, and all the way to my parent's house, but what the heck, it's Mother's Day and it's just a few photos, right?

Alas, I don't know what it is, but my little perfectionist photographer enthusiastically emerged as I realized that the afternoon light was still bright - hence, I couldn't settle for a few photos by the dining table with flowers. Most of my studio props are stored at my parent's house and Mom seemed game to play photo studio, so why not go all out?

Here's a little sneak peak into the impromptu photo shoot of my beautiful mommy. (Please, please, please I inherit whatever it is that makes you look like this at 59 years old.)

There's definitely more so stay tuned!

Happy belated Mother's Day to all the mommies out there!