Preview: Heather. 2013. Garin Park, Hayward

The weather is a bit warmer, the sun is out longer in the evening, and all that mixed in with the right amount of open shade yields the perfect recipe for a glamour photo shoot - outdoors!

The lovely Heather and I met over at Garin Park in Hayward for her afternoon session. I'm an accessory and color girl at heart when it comes to outfits and make-up, so when Heather showed up in a beautifully printed blue dress complete with bows for her long dark hair, I was beyond stoked to capture it all on camera. The afternoon sunlight peeked through the trees with just the perfect amount of gold and with that light set against a forest-type of background, well, you can bet my little photographer heart just smiled. 

Heather no doubt rocked the entire shoot as you can see. Below is just a sneak peak into Heather's glamour photo shoot with Heartbox Photography, so stay tuned for more!

Happy Wednesday!