You Gots Good Hair

I have never in my life colored my hair. No wait. I take that back...does Sun-In count?

Anyway, over the Christmas break, my sister was in town and as part of that visit we had already decided before hand that I was overdue for a little trimsky on the bangs and heck while we're at it, why don't we do some fun coloring, too?

FYI - A little sister who has just been given full permission from the big sister to color her hair is like giving a mouse free reign in a cheese factory. I didn't know whether to feel excited or nervous at the look of sheer glee on the kid's face as she mixed and poured and tin-foiled my hair with the fervor of a stylist gone cur-aay-zeee.

All's well that ends well - I like...nay, I LOVE my hair. Full on bangs with a panel of coloring on the front within the bangs as well as hidden throughout the strands of the new 'do in the back. It's enough of a color to be a super cool accessory and not make me feel like Rainbow Brite in public.

Ain't it amazing what a good cut and color will do for the mood of any woman? It's almost like you've been told that you can eat all the chocolate you want and it won't make you gain weight -  EVER.

That's my good hair day story. Someone here, on the other hand, doesn't look like they share the same sentiment.

Happy Thursday!