Random Schmandom Girl Post

I like to add accessories and dress things up a bit. Including words. So, how about instead of "random" we say "random schmandom"?  Yeah!!

In today's random schmandom blog post just for the gals:

- I am SUPER/five-year-old-just-ate-cotton-candy-excited about this weekend. After wrapping up a few details with the studio and make up artist, Heartbox Photography will officially be doing the first makeover/glamour photo shoot of the New Year. So ready to do this and do this BIG! Go big or go home, right? Right! Remember, ladies, if you're interested in booking your photo shoot today or want to give it as a gift to your best friend, your mom, your sister, or whoever, be sure to email me at maria@heartbox-photography.com.

Check out the sneak peak into the experience below!

-I specialize in nerd. Which means that yes, when I found an available post office box in my town for Heartbox Photography's mail, it made my Tuesday complete.

MAC's Russian Red liptsick. Best red lipstick. Ever. Ladies, be sure to check it out here. It ranks pretty high on the Fun Meter. Right next to cute, red shoes, and a lifetime supply of chocolate.  

-The last honey walnut prawn from last night's Chinese dinner. My tummy done smiled at lunch.

-Friends who are graphic designers ROCK. Friends who are graphic designers that are patient with photographers like me AND know Photoshop with nina-like skill? SUPER. ROCK.

-Looking forward to some gal pal time with friends in the next few weeks. I'm making it a point this year to take more time with the ladies. More time than just a random text message or a Facebook holler. But real, let's-go-get-sushi-and-chat-for-hours-like-we-girls-do-kind of time. 

Happy Tuesday!