Success Doesn't Fly Solo

As a woman, I struggle sometimes with feeling like I have to shoulder the burdens and challenges of life by myself. While there are some gals who are much quicker than I am to cry out as a damsel in distress, the stubborn I-am-my-father's-child syndrome prevails more times than I am willing to admit. While this level of stubbornness is good for some things in life, it can also backfire worse than a stone-filled slingshot, ultimately inflicting the negative consequences back onto yourself.

I am learning that in any of the goals I set out, be it building a successful photography business for women or just trying to get in better shape (ever try motivating yourself out of bed at 5:00 AM for a workout?!) - the journey is always more meaningful when the encouragement of supporters, teachers, friends, family, heck even your dog's is constantly flowing in your life. (I assured my pup, Kona Bean, that her faithful presence next to me every time I was on my laptop was not done in vain.)

While it's easier and at times a far more attractive option to just deal with everything yourself, hardly does it ever yield the same abundance and growth that comes from accepting help. We're human and eventually the "I-did-it-my-way" medal loses it's glamour and shine, your strength runs out, and before you know it you're just plain tired. Nine times out of ten, there was no one who said you had to go in on it alone, rather there were a ton of people offering hand from the very beginning. Yet, we turn the hand    As a veteran in this field, I am very much reminding myself of this, too.

While photography in and of itself is done by the photographer and camera, believe me, it's far from a solo/all-on-my-own endeavor. My husband helps lug all the gear to a shoot. My friends have held up the reflectors to bounce light. My tax accountant makes sure all my numbers are reported correctly. My dad, as an entrepreneur himself, has given me business advice. My sisters and mom have prayed for me, for the dreams I have, encouraging me when I doubted. And yes, even my dog, too, has nestled in next to her momma as I sat with my laptop on the living room couch to edit photographs for the evening.

See what I mean? Hardly is life, or success, a solo gig, so I encourage you to not go in on it by yourself.

Happy Tuesday!