Photography Update & Other Things

I love how the week flies by after a 3 day weekend! Each day this week I have been working on preparing for another glamour/makeover photo shoot. Drafting ideas for poses, make up/hairstyle ideas, you name it. It's a very exciting time for Heartbox Photography and each day that I get to prepare for another shoot, I can't help but feel an abundance of blessing and joy to be able to pursue a genre of photography that helps boost the self-esteem of women everywhere and is just so much fun. My model this past weekend was Rosemary and I can't wait to not only share her photos from the shoot but also her story. Stay tuned, folks!

In addition to all that, my husband and I are also getting more involved with folks from our church in learning how to be helpful to other married or soon-to-be married couples. As part of an upcoming marriage seminar we are attending that helps us learn to do that, we were required to separately fill out an online seminar of questions about our marriage, our upbringing, our views, etc. It was well over 100 questions long for each of us, but I have to admit, it was a pretty great reminder to us of how fortunate and blessed we are to have each other, especially in a world full of never ending challenges. 

These photos I found say it far better than I ever could. Enjoy and happy Thursday!