The Four-Legged Vacuum

There's something about Christmas that makes Kona Bean turn into a pine needle vacuum. I don't even know why we bother to clean up any stray pine needles that litter the wooden floor when we know very well there's a four-legged, biscuit-colored fluff ball mischief who will happily take care of them all the while maintaining suspiciously pine-fresh breath throughout the holiday season.

Did I ever tell you about the her first Christmas present? Her very own wreath made of pure rawhide. She just couldn't contain her excitement. It's in her eyes. =)

Or did I ever mention that other time Justin bought her her very first pair of Christmas pajamas that were just a smidge too big? She gave us the paw with much attitude and a look that clearly said "Thanks for implying I gained some holiday pounds. Really...thanks a lot." There's a good chance that if Kona had thumbs and Internet access, this photo wouldn't have made it onto the Internet.

How about that first time she took a picture with Santa, aka the-vet-dressed-like-Santa?

And of course, don't forget our first family Christmas photo...

Time has flown since all she did was this...

...and every year, Justin and I are so thankful for yet another Christmas season to enjoy with our very own pine-needle vacuum named Kona Bean.