Hardware Store Adventures

The Christmas tree is up. (More importantly we got it home in one piece with only a slight trail of pine needles trailing us) The radio is filled with the tunes of the season, the smell of pine is everywhere in the stores. And... I have a strong urge to wear reindeer antlers just for the fun of it - even to the gym.

It's hard for me to believe it's the second week of December already. My little list of gifts and shopping to-do's is almost all checked off (can I get an Amen?!) and I am also excitedly preparing for a couple of photo shoots this month including the first glamour portrait session for Heartbox Photography. The preparation for me every time before a photo shoot usually consists of time spent planning out poses, studying and practicing (Kona Bean has witnessed my many "strike a pose/Vogue"moments), scoping out locations and finalizing paperwork/model release details with the clients. But since this shoot is going to be the very first that is done in studio instead of on location, it required a few errands to pick up a few props, fabric, some paint, etc. Believe me, I never thought I'd ever be geeked out/squeaky happy to pick up paint and boards from a hardware store.  Before this weekend, the mere thought of a place like The Home Depot made me go into major yawn-fests as a typical girl who yearned for color amidst the grey shades of the tool aisle. Bleh, right?

Ohhh, but not this time. I had to hold back from hugging the sales assistant when she proffered the can of paint that contained the color I had selected. Oh, did you know I'm gonna paint me a pretty backdrop for a photo shoot...wanna see????!! Do you, do you?!

As I spent the Sunday carefully painting each board, Israel Houghton playing on the iPad, the cold air swirling around me, I couldn't help but smile to myself watching each paint drop smooth over the surface of the boards. Smiling because it felt good to be heading into this new season of photography, smiling because it felt good to take active strides to working towards a dream instead of just sitting there dreaming it, and most of all, smiling because the Christmas season reminds me of the One that makes this all even possible.

Happy Monday!