What's In Your Beauty Bag?

I once heard a female photographer say "Women want to look younger, slimmer, gorgeous....to feel beautiful inside and out.....and world peace."

And hallelujerrrr...ain't that the truth? I've observed this in my girlfriends, sisters, female family members, colleagues...all ranging in the  ages of 20 - 60. Heck, I even wonder if Kona's real reason for her stop and go habits during her daily walk come from a dire need to briefly check herself out in the reflection of a window. She's a girl, after all, right?

It's almost hilarious to see what lengths we women will go through to accomplish these things, the money we'll spend, the home remedies we'll try out. My own husband, at many times, has survived the shock that sometimes comes with walking into a room only to discover my face smiling at him from underneath a thick layer of what appears to be guacamole experiment gone wrong.

In the midst of many skincare experiments (some that went well, others, eh, not so well), one constant has stayed the same in my life and that is Oil of Olay. How did I get started using these products? There isn't a fancy story behind it except that my own momma has used Oil of Olay products since she was in her early twenties, she's now in her late 50's, and in short, I wanna have skin like hers when I get to be that age.

One of my favorite products from Olay's line is their Night Firming Cream and seriously, at a price around $10, this product is worth it's weight in gold. Of course, every woman's skin is different (mine happens to be the combination type), so check out the various products Olay offers that fits your needs.

In the midst of all the fancy beauty skin care products out there, my high-five goes to Olay for making products that many generations swear by and help women celebrate their beauty whether they're 18 or 80.

Happy Thursday!