My Thanks-list

It's never too early to be thankful.

One of my long time favorite photographers, Jasmine Star, blogged today about the things she was thankful for. The post had nothing to do with photography techniques or cameras and instead had everything to do with losing count when considering your own blessings.

It got me thinking about making my own list of things I'm thankful for, the big and small blessings that could help offer a a steady reassurance through the roller coaster of every day.

Here are a few of the things I am particular thankful for today. What about you?
  1. I am healthy and my body can walk, see, smell, hear, and taste.
  2. My car works.
  3. Choices.
  4. Freedom to pursue a photography while still holding a day job.
  5. Possibilities.
  6. Clean water to drink.
  7. Helpful photographers.
  8. Successful Google searches.
  9. My husband loves me.
  10. A happy and loving marriage.
  11. There's food in our fridge.
  12. I have a fabulous dog.
  13. Snail mail.
  14. New face wash that smells awesome.
  15. Pizza for lunch today.
  16. Family and friends.
  17. Weekends.
  18. Sunshine.
  19. Highlighters.
  20. A safe home.
  21. A clean home.
  22. Friends and family I can pray with.
  23. Leftover Halloween chocolate.
  24. Oldies on the car radio during my commute.
  25. It's Friday.
Happy, happy Friday!