The Pimple Named Bob

Ever since we've returned from our vacation in New York, I swear my stomach has been talking to me demanding that it continue to be fed all the great food that we enjoyed while there.  And I've been just as adamantly arguing back, telling it to be quiet as I spent an additional 10 more minutes on the elliptical trainer this morning at the gym.

Getting back into the swing of things after a great vacation is always hard. I am a firm believer in taking another day for vacation to recuperate from the vacation, because gosh, it's just boo-boo how reality smacks you upside the head when you get back to the grind of everyday. Even getting back into blogging has been a bit of a challenge as the blank screen and I do a face off to see who'll win the battle of the stare-down.

Talking to other like-minded up and coming entrepreneurs does help light the fire back up again and as I tend to mention a lot in my blog, my sister and I do chat it up quite a bit as our goals are very similar.  Our chats can go from intelligent-sounding conversations about branding, marketing, and business goals to "Dude, did I tell you I decided to name this pimple on my forehead Bob?" in a matter of 2 minutes. Since she doesn't live in California, conversations like this serve as our form of high-five-sister-girlfriend-you-know-what-I'm-saying? 

And I don't know how this slogan below ties into any of this post, but on my funky-funk days, this couldn't be more true. =)

 Pure genius.

Justin doesn't know it, but I'm already getting ideas for his Valentine's Day card.

And......this is why I don't scuba dive. Or chase random balloons with money tied to it.

And this one? I just let my inner nerd laugh when I saw this....

And of course, I will always need reminders like this:

Happy Tuesday!