Marriage and Being Mini

I'm a short person. Fun-sized. Mini. Petite. A tall 5 year old.

Whenever something vast is in front of me like the beautiful Pacific ocean or a mountain range or even huge New York skyscrapers, I love to look up or out at it and marvel at how bigger than life it looks. Like...whoa. And at the same time, I sometimes feel like it's so huge that it will just overpower me in the blink of an eye because I'm so, um, mini.

Tonight, Justin and I are going to be attending a meeting focused on marriage ministry. Let me re-phrase that: Justin and I are venturing out and hope to learn how to use our marriage, imperfections and all, as a way to be a help to other married couples.  From this meeting, I hope that we gain a chance to learn from other couples, a chance to speak about our own challenges and joys of married life, and also be plugged into a group that will help us be effectively equipped to help other married couples down the road.

Having only been married now a little over 3 years, I'm slowly realizing that marriage, just like the ocean, the mountain range, and even the New York skyscrapers I mentioned earlier, can be vast and overwhelming and at the same time, sheer awesomeness. And instead of being overpowered or feeling like we're going to be toppled by the huge challenges that sometimes come with marital bliss, we have a chance to learn how to be better equipped on how to handle them God's way and not our way. I think it's really tough to be transparent with people in general (talking about the weather gets REALLY old after a while) especially when it comes to something as personal as your own marriage. And even so, I'm really excited to challenge myself on getting better at not wearing a mask around people whenever it comes to the topic of my own life and marriage and can't wait to see what is in store tonight at this meeting we're attending.

Happy Wednesday!