Road Forks and Asking for Help

It never fails.

Every so often, I'll hit a lull. A creative pothole, a little stumble on the path, a fork in the road with no map that directs which way to go. Things suddenly seem repetitive and in need of a fresh perspective and new ideas.

And that's when I know that the only remedy to this is to seek out the support from others and brainstorm with industry peers and photographers. Even though photography is seen by a lot of people as a solo type of career, I actually believe it's not. The growth I've experienced thus far in my technical skills and marketing skills in the photography business have come from the generosity of other photographers who were simply willing to help.

And after receiving some help, come feedback, critique, and suggestions, suddenly the lull is gone, the creative juices are flowing again, and that fork is moving further and further behind me as I make a decision on which way to go and proceed down that path. I am excited that the days of this upcoming September is full of workshops and networking opportunities with other peers and most of all the chance to grow even more. I've often observed that individuals who are the best at their craft or the expert at their occupation is due to their willingness to always be willing to learn.  And to never be ashamed to ask for help.

Happy Wednesday!