Black and Brown: Mission Accomplished

The game plan was this:

I'd pull the car up to driveway and into the garage. Smooth, calm, and cool. (as Mission Impossible theme song plays quietly in the background)

My sister and I would then gather the bags from the trunk and in one fell swoop, with Olympic-like speed and skill, haul the shopping bags through the side door of the garage and into the house, half-running/half-stumbling through so as not to run into our mother who would surely zero in on the shopping bags and ask us how much we just spent at the mall.

Those were the good ol' days and I still smile to remember that we were never a good influence on each other (or each other's wallets for that matter!) when it came to shopping. Why? Because our conversations in a mall usually sounded like this: "Which one should I get? Oh, what the heck I'll get 'em BOTH!" And with the happy grin that most youngsters have when they have no bills or obligations -  yes, we'd sure as heck get them both. Sometimes, with earrings.

Since my sister was in town for a visit these past few days, she went to check out a little gem hidden in San Jose called Black and Brown. This little vintage and modern clothing boutique for both men and women was recommended to me by Kalani Germono of Kalani Style and both my husband and I had visited this store as well not too long ago.

I just love this store.

Nothing but glee overcomes me as I sift through the unique finds housed on the clothing racks of this establishment. If you are in the mood to score some great finds in shopping and find yourself along The Alameda in San Jose, be sure to check out Black and Brown. As for hauling all your great finds back? me up and I'll see what I can do. I think I may still have a map or two on how to Mission Impossible those shopping bags into the hhouse and past the inquiring eyes of your family. You know...just in case.

Happy Tuesday!