Two Worlds & Breakfast

My husband likes breakfast., wait. He LOOOOOOVES breakfast. As in, he will lie awake at night  describing in far too much detail, the wonderful breakfast of eggs and bacon that he has planned on the menu the minute the first light of dawn shows up.

I, on the other hand, am more of a lunch, dinner, EVERYTHING chocolate-and-random-snacks kind of a person. Breakfast to me was always just a the same ol' combination of eggs, bacon, and toast. Oatmeal, fruit, etc....the same ol' thing just varied up a bit. But show me the leftovers from last night's steak and potato dinner and I'll show you how fast I can re-heat everything, serve it on the table, and call it a REAL breakfast!

When we were dating, Justin once said that after watching me happily scarf down odd mixtures of salad, chocolate, and a side of string cheese (and then, call it breakfast), he's convinced I was born with some sort of garbage disposal like stomach because I never reacted badly to eating such combinations all my life.

Well, halleluuuyerrr, folks because this picture proves that you can have the best of both worlds! The normal breakfast eaters and the random, chocolate/snack eaters finally come together.

Some genius created this mix of pretzel sticks, yellow M&M's and white chocolate. God bless 'em.

Happy Friday!