Ducking Life's Curveballs

This past week, an unexpected conflict found it's way into what was supposed to be a relaxing few days for both Justin and me. And thankfully, though not life threatening, it still managed to shake up life for us a bit in ways we did not see coming or were prepared for.

Life's curveballs are a funny thing. Yes, I absolutely believe that they're necessary for personal growth in life and all that, but man, oh, man, how they hurt if you don't know how to duck quickly enough. (And yes, you guessed it, I hated playing baseball in P.E. as a kid.)

As I wandered up through the aisles of a San Francisco Disney Store this past weekend with my husband and nephew, all I could think to myself was, "There isn't much I can do about it." And truly, as much as this control-freak hates to admit it, sometimes it is better that I can't fix things on my own. It would only mislead me to think that I am in control of all of life's curveballs...and we all know how much that isn't true.

As I mulled over the week's recent challenges while wandering through the Disney Store in downtown San Francisco, I noticed my eyes were constantly being drawn to all the glitter and bold colors that surrounded me. The stuffed animals of every Disney character known to man were all piled up high on a shelf to my right. The speakers graced my ears with a child-like and playful tune of an old Disney movie and racks of princess dresses adorned with twinkling sequence lined the perimeter of the sales floor.

I don't know if it was being surrounded by all the "happy" that Disney is or if I'd just eaten too much chocolate dessert earlier in the day, but it was in there in the midst of all things Mickey Mouse and Cinderella, I was reminded that while life had it's troubles and worries, it wasn't permanent. That while the inevitable curveballs can shake you up a little bit and make things really sad for a moment, they don't stop life and they sure as heck can't stop new dreams and chances for good from forming.