The beams of sunlight peeked it's way through the top of the dome-shaped church, happily illuminating the empty pews and beauty of the stain-glass windows. I wandered up and down the red carpeted aisle and quietly weaved my way through the various sand-colored columns that proudly upheld the tall stature of this building.

Many times before, I would take time to visit this old church just to relish in the quiet it provided from the rush of life outside it's doors. To sit in silence and take a breather. But this time around was very different. With my camera slung around my arm and my eyes searching out potential angle, I took this as an opportunity to practice.

It's just an empty, old building, after all. Practice what exactly?

To practice training my eyes to see exactly how the beaming sunlight reflects off the marble floors. To practice photographing from the back of the church, from the aisle view, from the up and front center-view. Because one day, those empty pews are going to be filled with happy and smiling guests. That quiet, red-carpeted aisle is going to bear the footsteps of a bride walking towards her future husband. That empty altar is going to have a groom waiting with a smile on his face for his future wife.

And on that day, I will be ready and waiting with my camera, happily documenting it all for them. I can't wait. =)

Happy Friday!