Peter Tapao. Preview 2012.

I like to work out and even be a bit of a gym rat sometimes. (Isn't it weird to use the word "gym rat" for someone who works out often? My time on the treadmill would so improve with four feet instead of just two to help me hobble along. But dang, what would I do with the tail?!)

While it's tough enough taking myself off the couch to go to the gym on some days (instead of eating that bag of potato chips calling my name), I couldn't imagine motivating someone else to do it.  Which is why God makes people like Peter.

Peter Tapao is a friend of both my husband and mine whom we've known since our good ol' high school days. And while the rest of our class is probably starting to creak along and survive on Icy Hot and Bengay while dragging ourselves to the gym on a semi-regular basis, Pete is the person consistently running alongside you reminding you  to keep biking on that bike, to keep pushing on that push up, to bench one more set. To simply just. Keep. Going. And though on a few occasions of participating in his Charity Fitness workshops both my husband and I have wanted to kick Pete for making our arms and legs turn straight Jello status, we always end up thanking him for making us work just a bit harder out our comfort zone. Dang you, Pete!

I had the opportunity this weekend to do a mini photoshoot of Pete to capture his love for all things athletic and personal-training. Below is just a sneak preview, so stay tuned for the rest!

Happy Monday!