Q-Tip Dogs

Ugh. It's always hard to get back to the grind after a looong weekend.

Last night we spent the evening having dinner with my parents and they brought their dog, Coco Bean over for a visit. It's funny watching Kona and Coco hang out with each other because I swear they act like two boxers getting in the ring to battle it out. Except, instead of it looking like they're taking calculated swings at each other, it looks more like two overgrown cotton balls growl-staring each other down to see who'll be the first to turn into a Q-Tip or something.

Speaking of silly dogs, I came across this photo on the Internet and find myself suddenly wondering where we placed Kona's old cone.

Whoever owns this dog should get an award for coming up with such a genius use for the cone.

=) Happy Tuesday!