I was a kid who grew up with a mom who loved the Beatles the way gals these days love the Bieber dude, a dad who belted out Frank Sinatra tunes a little too loudly on the karaoke, and sisters who teamed up (a.k.a. had-no-choice-but-joined-me-because-I-was-the-older-bossy-sister-and-slightly-bigger) with me to rock out Cindy Lauper for a live audience of every single stuffed animal we owned.

It was a house full of different types of music and the diversity of genres and eras that found it's way into our boxes of tape and record collections still greatly influences me to this day, especially as an artist. 

Oh, and speaking of music and artistry, meet DJ Verz. I wanted to do a photoshoot with a bit of a different vibe to it, one that paid tribute to the art of being a DJ and bringing the gift of music to crowds everywhere. There's more to come, but here's a sneak preview of this weekend's shoot.

Happy Monday!