High-Fiving Hallmark

"You're the only one who knows the real me...and married me anyway."

Those were the exact words in the first plain white card that peeked out from the sea of the cheesy-written, poetically-written, lovely-written,bright-colored, dull-colored, plain, square and circle-shaped rows of cards displayed in the all-things-gift wrapping aisle of the store.

I love greeting cards and taking the time to find the perfect one, so even if this card was the one that caught my attention right away, I still wanted to peruse/research/get all Type-A on every card available there and it's content to make sure I picked the perfect one that captured all I wanted to say to my husband today on our 3 year wedding anniversary.

But even so, as I carefully reviewed each one that contained funny messages and elaborately-written love letters that would have made Romeo and Juliet high-five and chest bump Hallmark, I still found myself drawn to the very first card.

And yes, I did indeed end up selecting that very first simple card I saw because I realized it contained (with such brevity and simplicity my talkative self can't always achieve) everything I wanted to tell my husband on our anniversary today - that I'm thankful for our marriage and for the gift of his unconditional love and care.

Happy Anniversary to us, Bubby!

Photo by Kristian Iskandar of KI Photography