Get Your Snooze On

On Sunday afternoon, my husband and I returned from a long and fun vacation in Kauai. I lost count of how many bowls of saimin I ate (oh, Hamura's Saimin, how I miss thee), how many macadamia pancakes my husband ate, and most importantly, lost sense of deadlines, time contraints, and a to-do list. We laughed at the fact that the most productive thing we did on vacation was dig a hole in the sand at the beach and stare at our belly buttons while relaxing under the sun.

I swear I still smell sunscreen and keep thinking someone will magically appear and fold our laundry for us.

Jet-lag is usually an issue, and today is no different. Starting the day energetic? Awesome. Starting the day energetic at 4:30 am because your body tricked you into thinking it was time to get up for work? Yeah, not so awesome. Even our dog, Kona Bean, looked at me with bleary sleep-filled eyes this morning as if she wanted to say "You're trippin', Mommy."

I saw these random photos posted on the Internet of folks and even puppies who's lack of sleep got the best of them. Had to laugh because dang, at least, no one's captured me snoozing in public. My sleep drooling is none of anyone's business, after all.

Happy Tuesday!