Vogue It Out

I think Dr. Seuss is a genius and you'll see me referencing a lot of what he wrote about in the many books he's written for children and hey, even for adults. (Because really, I think a lot of adults life stuff can be best taught if the college curriculum involved study of Seuss' books. Imagine a thesis based off of a book that's 20 pages long. Genius, no?)

This week is the start of a new journey for two friends of mine, both who are pursuing graduate study programs in their field of study. New challenges, lots more homework, and a chance at a huge reward at the end of it. I'm very proud of them, needless to say.

And though I'm not techically enrolled in "school" like they are, I still feel like I, too am immersed in some sort of learning institution because of all that I am learning about becoming a better photographer, artist, and business person. Though it can be scary, tonight I am attending another workshop to meet other peers in the industry/other photographers. In other words, I'm going to network. (yikes!) Something that's always been a challenge for me, but is very necessary in this line of work. I'm excited for this particular workshop because my favorite types of shoots are styled/fashion shoots and yes, the topic to be discussed tonight deals with ideas for posing clients for these types of shoots. Yep...I'm gonna teach my clients to Vogue like no other, for real.

And though I sometimes feel as shy as the new kid in class when I network or attend these types of workshops, it's still a step forward on this new and exciting path and for that alone I am grateful.

Here's to the many, many places you'll go.