Battle of Caterpillar Brows - WWF Style

As I'd mentioned in my last post, networking is always a tough thing for me. Not because I don't think it's great or beneficial, but more like because walking into a room full of strangers feel makes me feel like it's my first day of kindergarten all over again. (Minus the Big Bird pink sweater and slightly crooked bangs that swept oh-so-stylishly over my caterpillar eyebrows at 5 years old. Oh, yes...straight caterpillars. Freida Kahlo's eyebrows and mine could have faced off WWF-style and mine would have won because they were like the Hulk Hogan of hair. See? Stylish, right?)

Anyway, I kinda view networking as exercise. It's hard to get going on, but once you do it, you never regret it and really, it can only be beneficial in the end. The networking event I had recently attended featured Jessica Quintal of Shine Photography and the topic of the night, posing for high fashion shoots, was one that I hold near and dear to my heart as it's the type of photographic style that I aim for in my own photos. The minute she started her presentation, I hung on to every word and tip she gave the crowd. I even won a drawing for a free mentoring session with Jessica, which I am super stoked about simply because it has been difficult for me to find a photographer that shares the same passion for fashion forward/editorial style photography who was willing to be helpful and share advice/tips, etc.

I am the queen of all things shy and timid. Meaning, yes, I've pretended to be super busy on my cell phone (let's read my old text messages over and over again shall we?) instead of approaching people at conferences, get over myself, and just say hello. BUT.... when I got a chance to speak to Jessica at the end of the night, that shyness was nowhere to be found as I rambled on about my enthusiasm and excitement about her work (and how grateful I was to win the mentoring session) in such a way that I resembled a Beatles fan/Star Wars fan/Justin Bieber fan all rolled into one crazy mess. I am thankful for opportunities like this because it's another learning experience, another contact made in the photography industry, and another chance to push myself as an artist and grow.

And because every post is so much more fun with a photo, here it is. Why this photo? Simply because I love my husband and also because I miss the days when our little Kona Bean really was this tiny.

 Happy Thursday!