Running Shoes & First Maternity Sessions

It's Friday.

And I'm sitting here thinking about all the things I did this week, big step or tiny step, that moved me forward in the direction towards realizing my dreams in photography. Listing them one by one and asking myself, was it enough effort this week? What else is there room for? What can I tweak or change? What can I try different? Where can I challenge myself more? What fear do can I face next week? It's a long list and I'm excited about it because it means being more creative, willing to experiment, willing to discover.

But more importantly, willing to grow.

I once read a photographer's blog that encouraged her readers to chase down your dreams without looking back, to run until you get to the point where your nose is frozen from running and breathing that cold air as you beat the pavement with each of your strides, staggers, and steps forward.  And I laughed because though I'm no runner, I agree with everything she said. And truth be told, the only times I grew as a person in different areas of life was when I bothered to put on those proverbial running shoes, get out there, and let my nose get a little frozen with each step forward.

This week I had the opportunity to photograph my very first maternity session with our friends, Daniel and Sarah, who are expecting their first baby (whaaaa?? I still remember them when they were dating!) this summer. And for me as a photographer, as scary as it is trying something new, nothing beats the satisfaction from knowing you chose to be willing to try it and willing to learn.

Dang. After saying that I feel all Karate Kid-like. Oh, Mr. Miyagi, has anyone told you you're the bestest?! Hiiii-yaaaaww!!

Below is a sneak peak into few photos from my first maternity session and as usual, there are more to come so stay tuned!