A Papa's Girl and San Diego Adventures

Living in California, there's always lots of places to see and discover and I can't believe I'm admitting this, but I've never been to San Diego, neither has my husband, and neither has our furry-monster, Kona Bean. We kept hearing about how San Diego is the dog friendliest city in California and only in Cali would you have pet-friendly shops and restaraunts so away we went.

We packed the car up with the essentials  (i.e. dog seat belt for Kona, coffee for husband, and barf bags for me) and drove down to have us some San Diego adventures.

Thought it rained a little more than we anticipated (I actually wore my jacket the entire time we were there) and you all know that roadtrips and me are frenemies, it was still worth the drive and few days away to be able to write another chapter in our adventure book together - the husband, our Kona Bean, my barf bags and me.

Happy Thursday!

 It was an overcast day, but full of the soft light that is a photographer's dream. Kona insisted I take the photo from her good side.


Yes. She's a papa's girl.

These samosas right here? I wanted to walk away with the entire tray. Too good.