Where you been, yo?!?!

In honor of my last post….CHEEE-HOOOO and of course, Merry Christmas, ya’ll!

Just to give you a quick update (cuz I know you got Christmas parties to go to, chocolate to eat, and presents to wrap!)

This month has been a whirlwind of editing the last of the photoshoots of the year, building up a Facebook page to launch Heartbox Photography to the social media world, and tweaking a website to make the virtual storefront official.

For those of you who recently finished a photoshoot with me and, the blog write up by moi and album in Facebook of all your final shots are going to be available in January on Heartbox Photography’s new page. I’m slowly moving everything from Maria Abelaye and a Camera over and thank you mucho for your patience as this transition happens.

And here is just one photo of many, many more to come that I am currently working on.

Like the hair?

Mad skillz.