We Be Striking a Pose: Our First Styled Shoot with Salon Ethos

The clock read 5:00 a.m. Dun, dun, dun.

Five am??
Yes, 5:00 a.m.
Get up, Rona, let's go! Today's the first!

Those are the thoughts that prodded me out of bed early, (VERY EARLY) on a Sunday morning. I am the poster child for sleeping in, just ask my husband. Crusty eyes, drool and all. (how's that for beauty sleep?) But this particular morning was different. I actually popped out of bed energetic and ready to get out of the house. (After I took care of the crusty eyes, of course. )

Kristina of Salon Ethos and I have been planning these styled photoshoots for months and today was the first shoot of 3 we were doing. She was getting her hairstyling skills on for our models and I was doing my thing with the camera. We were very excited and though the weather looked questionable and cloudy, we knew that it was going to turn out just fine. At least, we hoped so.

I showed up at 6 a.m. to pick up Kristina and the minute she answered the door, I had to laugh to myself.  Kristina is a dedicated artist to her craft of hair, so why didn't it surprise me that her hair was completely done and ready to go, but her pajamas and make-up were still in the works? My sister was every bit as excited as I was, but the look in her huge eyes also said "oh my gosh are we really up this early?"

Yes, we are really doing this.

Our model was Claire, who you may remember from her photoshoot here.

Kristina of Salon Ethos worked her magic on Claire's hair and after a few hours of hairspray, girl talk, and doughnuts (big ups to Claire's husband, Jon for patiently enduring the hairspray fumes, picking up doughnuts, and ignoring girly chatter that probably interrupted his sports watching more times than he anticipated), we were ready to go.

And oh, when girls who love hair, fashion, and photography get together watch out world. Because despite the clouds, the wind, and rain, we be striking a pose. For realz.

I'm so proud and excited to present to you the skills of Kristina of Salon Ethos. Below are a few of my favorite shots.

You can view the entire shoot here on my Facebook page.