Gonna trust in You only....

I'm bummed that I can't find the full song of this online. Heard the clip and it's awesome. It's this heart tugging reminder that walking with God, being carried by Him, being loved by Him and transformed by Him is hard and great, all at once. Especially to any woman who reads this or hears the song clip online - please know that this is a message that God does  love you with all your mistakes, hang ups, etc. despite whatever life or people have said or made you think or feel. I only believed it when I realized it for myself.

Be blessed.

-by Yolanda Adams

From the first day
You came in my life
I knew that I would
Be forever changed
Turn away from all my foolish ways
And in my heart I know I’m truly saved
You showed me something everlasting
And it’s Your mercy that I’m asking for
No longer do I ignore Your power
Your power

Cause You
Got the kind of love that never fails
And it’s the kind of love that never fades away
It’s by amazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was blind and but now I know I can see
All of the things that You do for me
You told me there’s no need to worry
Gotta keep You before me
Gonna trust in You only