Dude, you can Photoshop this, right?

I think that when you’re surrounded with like-minded artists be it photographer, painter, hairstylist, or otherwise, they “get it” when you get just a bit too dorky over a light reflected just right. When you just gotta chase that sun for that one last shot cuz it just looks so cool. When you freak out because the click of your camera was not fast enough to capture that fast-fleeting moment at near perfection. They get it when you talk about the seemingly endless challenges and failures that comes with the territory in this quest to perfect your craft. They get it when you still wanna keep trying and trying and trying, though the odds to be a professional artist seem, at the moment, taunting you each step of the way.

Practice makes perfect. And what better person to practice the photography thing than with a fellow artist - my sister! She’s a hair stylist, an aspiring business owner, and a gifted artist herself. AND she was here on a visit that was way too short. Though my photography is far from perfect and definitely more practice, I still had fun. Mostly because I think somewhere deep inside, I needed to hang with another artist to confirm that I was indeed proactively chipping away at a huge goal, that yes I was indeed moving towards my dream of being a professional one day.

My siblings and I are close. And in this afternoon of shooting one of them, I reaped the benefits of having a close sibling bond---I received encouragement I didn’t know I needed to hear. I received critique I didn’t know I needed to hear. I received the loving butt-kick only your sisters or brothers can give. Most importantly I received the opportunity to just laugh and learn during the moments I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. Fear can paralyze me to the point of being so hesitant to create the photo I was envisoning, to hesitate on pressing that shutter release button, to really GO for that shot. I mean, REALLY. I was actually having brain farts on trying to figure out how to pose my sister and at the same time hurry because of fading sunset lighting that I love oh so much in my photos but still don't know how to quite capture. Um, do all of that AND learn how to switch the settings on my camera AND act like I'm confident? Yep, I can still hear my sister’s voice:

“C'mon, you gotta lead your subject, dude!”

“You can’t just say “ok”....tell me how I need to pose! You gotta engage with your subject.”

And of course…

“Oh my gosh. You can Photoshop this, right?” =)

There’s still so much I want to learn about photography. So much I have to learn about my camera, what this button and that button does and how do I make the photo look like this or that oh man, how do you simply be a brave artist not afraid to try? Small steps, one at a time, right?

In exchange for her encouragement, critique, and some much needed laughing time, but mostly just for being a sister I am thankful to have---yes, dude, I can Photoshop anything you want.

Now...if only I can get my other fabulous sibling to smile for my camera...in the meantime, enjoy the preview!

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