Them Bebots

Yes, I sat around in traffic this morning bumping Bebot by Black Eyed Peas, and yes with that genius beat creation of B.E.P. cranked up in my little commuter car, I had a growing urge to throw my hands in the air and start dancing…as much as I possibly could sitting in a very enclosed spot. This song also suddenly reminded me that I am my husband’s bebot. Yep. I am. It’s a cool thing. And if you don’t know the translation of that word, I shall trust that Google with help provide that to you.

I have to admit, I laughed a little at this notion of being my dear husband’s bebot because I suddenly realized that it translates into a lot of other things. These “things” being that I still have a weird need to walk around the house with slippers if I’ve been barefoot too long. That if the absence of a fork or spoon was ever upon me, I can roll up my sleeves and eat with my hands and survive. (Truly, to be able to clump rice together with your hands is an art form. I highly recommend trying it!) That super sour soup stemming from the creation of the tamarind is pure culinary genius when it’s raining or cold outside. That a duck egg is not just a plain ol’ duck egg anymore, but more like a delicacy my relatives would pair with a beer and call it a day. (I still have not mustered enough courage to savor the duck egg, but will always have respect for those that can consume this and not gag. Quack!)

So go ahead, crank up that genius Bebot beat by Black Eyed Peas and shake what your momma gave you...slippers and all!