Ice cream and other summer essentials...

My dear friend allowed me to do a photoshoot of her kids one sticky, summer afternoon. In the days leading up to the shoot, I racked my brain on a place that would not only encapsulate all things summer, but would also be interesting enough to hold the attention of two very happy and excited kids. My husband then suggested Fenton’s Creamery…perfect! What can hold a child’s attention better than the excitement of having ice cream?

So we packed up the kids in my friend’s mini-van and took off, heading towards that pot of gold the kids knew as ice cream. And believe you me, they made sure to remind us to all scream for ice cream, at the top of their lungs. Gotta love it! A little side note – and maybe this is because I’m not a mom-but man, that mini-van my friend drove was quite impressive. I’ve never known a car to be so child-equipped and ready for any drive longer than 5 minutes.

You know, come to think of it, I think that van could have made a trip to the moon quite comfortably, with its navigation system, nifty DVD player, two secure car seats, and my dear husband sandwiched between them. We were definitely more than ready to roll!

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I think kids are fun subject for any photographer because they’re still in the stage of their life where every moment is fun to them and they haven’t yet learned how to be shy or to hold back any goofy, toothy grin or funny expression that came to mind. While we adults may have worried about having food or ice cream smeared on our face, these kids rocked those ice cream grins like it was no one’s business!


And while we adults are silently standing in line waiting to be seated, quietly excited for the treats that this ice cream parlor, these kids made it known to all those strangers standing in line that Fenton’s Creamery was the place to be and hey, don’t you people just wanna jump up and down knowing that we’re so close to the treasures of ice cream heaven?


Toothy grins and ice cream with these happy kids make for all the essentials of real summer fun.