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A Health Journey - No, I'm Not Showing You My Belly

Lately I've been noticing a lot of friends, family, and business acquaintances posting up various things on Facebook, their blogs, etc. about their health journey and the things they are doing to lead a healthier lifestyle.

A close friend of mine shares various photos of the meals he's eating as part of his journey to better his health after experiencing a mild-heart attack - in his 30's! A stylist I know started documenting her healthy meal preparations throughout the week as she could stick to eating right even in the midst of her busy schedule. Another friend is working hard with a trainer to help push her to accomplish new goals with her health. A client of mine is enjoying newfound physical energy and strength after committing to get healthy, work with a trainer, and get her blood pressure down.

And of course, my own dear hubby who never liked to run at all, started running in January, makes time for it in the early morning hours, and is now slated to run his first half-marathon in Disneyland next month.

After noticing just a few of these inspiring stories, I started looking at my own routines. It dawned on me that my eating habits didn't always reflect balance and health, and although I was a regular at the gym, my workout routines had long plateaued into simply "maintenance mode" exercise. I had stopped pushing myself, barely broke a sweat, and made excuses too easily when my snacking throughout the day consisted of mini-chocolate bars and potato chips. Not that potato chips or chocolate are wrong (ooooh, you will NEVER hear me say something that silly!) but when it was a Monday-Friday deal, well, something has to change.

I come from a family where high-cholesterol and blood pressure can be genetic and make life not so fun. I see many people around me who, unfortunately, really wish they could be healthy but because of illness they can't control, this is a tough goal for them to achieve. Needless to say, I don't have a good excuse for slacking.

I had recently signed up with a personal trainer and started taking hot yoga classes and, ooh, have mercy, I didn't think it was possible to sweat in buckets after only 15 minutes after either of this exercise routines. I'm finally feeling the burn, literally and figuratively, and have also started journaling my eating habits per the advise of my trainer.

Don't worry - I have no desire to go posting what my stomach looks like because, quite frankly, I'm embarrassed and don't want you to see how much chocolate and take out I've indulged in. However, in hopes that this inspires more out there to get up and get healthy, I will start journaling the next 6 months of this commitment - ALL of it. The easy days, the not so easy days, the potato chip days, the I-love/hate-my trainer, the oh-my-gosh-is-this-even-working? - days

Here's to making changes for a healthy and beautiful you.

Happy Friday!