The Flower Diva

From the experience of my own wedding and being the guest at many other weddings, it’s safe to say that there is some serious muscle behind the hustle of planning the day, coordinating the details, and overall trying to keep everyone sane and happy. (i.e., keep the bride from crying anything but happy tears….you know how that goes!) I wanted to shed some much deserved light and attention to those behind the scenes who make the wedding day a memorable experience.

More to come, but here’s a sneak peak into the hard work that goes on behind the success of Nona Tai, owner of Floral Design Studio. She is a gifted floral designer and I was lucky enough to have her for my own wedding. Her work is going to be displayed at the San Francisco De Young Museum in a very cool exhibit called Bouquet to Art, so check it out!

Oh, and the puppy? That’s Nona’s own fur baby. Me loves anything doggy and there’s no way I was gonna let this one escape without her own little profile photo.

Mitch and Alia.

It was a Friday night at a local diner that I met Alia and Mitch to discuss their upcoming February wedding. They were finally going to have a church ceremony to celebrate their marriage (they’d had a smaller ceremony a few years ago) and wanted to have a photographer there to capture every moment of a celebration that has been long in the making. The clanking dishes and buzz of the restaurant patrons loomed over our conversation, but there was no mistaking the sounds of their happiness as they filled me in on the details of their wedding day and how they met.

It was during their high school days…the days of AOL chat rooms, prom seasons, and just the fun of being high school sweethearts. Alia met Mitch’s family before meeting Mitch and she laughed to remember the small details of their high school times together, down to the glasses she wore during that time. As she scrunched her face remembering those glasses Mitch just smiled and still declared “I like you with your glasses.”
She is more of the goofy laughter and he is the quiet smile that accompanies it. Together they are an example of what it’s like to celebrate love in everyday moments---raising their 3 babies together, him giving her his jacket when she’s cold during the photoshoot, and her making sure he eats vegetables every so often. (yummmm, broccoli!)

Mitch and Alia, thank you for giving me the opportunity to document this special day for you both. As an extra thank you, my dear hubby created a slide show of some of the special moments of your wedding day....hope you enjoy it!

May you both continue to celebrate love and life in the everyday moments the way that you already have.
With love, 
Heartbox Photography

The guys and gals were rockin' it like no other that day. I love me some alleyway shots!

Amia Bakery provided their beautiful wedding cake...

Their reception was held at Century House and we had lots of time to take some fun shots before the start of the reception....

I. LOVED. HER. HAIR. 'Nuff said.

Alia's awesome hairstyle and hairpiece were designed by the ever talented Kristina Eugenio of Salon Ethos.

One of my favorite shots of them....

Life is Too Short Not to Lick the Plate

A while back my husband and I were hanging out and having dinner with our good friends, Noli and Noemi. Noli started retelling the story of how his wife, Noemi, cooked a really awesome meal that tasted so good he not only savored every bite of it, but STRAIGHT UP LICKED THE PLATE, TOO. The four of us laughed until our faces hurt and it became a running joke from that day on.

(Sad to say, but I don’t remember the last time my husband licked the plate after I’ve made a meal. And this is just a guess, but it MIGHT have something to do with the fact that I microwave quesadillas and call it dinner. (I didn’t inherit my momma’s culinary skills….BUT I can program the heck out of a VCR. Told you I got mad skillz.)

In a few weeks, I’m going to have the opportunity to take my camera to a whole new level and shoot a wedding alongside my good friend and photographer, Sarah McGlaughlin. She’s a talented photojournalist (and actually gets it when I turn geek and start talking about lenses and apertures and stuff like that. Think pocket protectors but for camera folk) and though we’re friends I actually found myself stuttering “will, um, you, uhhhhhhhhh, consider, oh but you don’t have to be , but oh like, possibly be the second shooter for, this, ah, huh? A wedding, um, yeah for this wedding coming up?”

Though I sounded like a happy and stuttering nerd, she agreed and said she was excited to work on this project together. As we chatted about how the day was going to unfold, preparation details, more geek talk on lenses, etc. it dawned on me what a huge blessing this is. To be given a chance to challenge myself on a whole new level as an artist and photographer, to look every fear I’ve had in the eye and say “let’s do this”, is a HUGE deal for me. And it’s in these moments that I’m once again reminded that when someone gives you the gift of a wonderful opportunity to use your talents and shake what yo momma gave you, don’t hesitate to graciously accept it , be thankful, and enjoy it.






Life is way too short to not lick the plate and enjoy the entire blessing given to you.
Quesadilla, anyone?